travels, art and everything in between

Summer 2013, Greece.


We are Nina and Babis. Longtime artists, travellers and partners celebrating 6 years of love and creativity together. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, our approach to art is similar: It should be meaningful and accessible to everybody.

Nina comes from Rio de Janeiro, where she worked as a commercial photographer for over 10 years until her travels led her the opportunity to work mainly on fine art. As an artist, her statement is to create a dialogue about contemporary society and its traces from history. At Tria she makes books, art, and manages the communication.

Coming from a background of artisans in Greece, Babis established himself as a craftsman working mainly with natural and raw elements such as wood and metal to create useful objects. Currently, he is studying theater design whilst making books and art at Tria.


Driven by minimalism both in our lifestyle and business, our main pillars as artists and makers have never changed: to offer long-lasting, harm-free, quality products – and most importantly, that it's accessible to everyone.

We started making art prints together to sell at local craft markets, and in 2013 we opened our first Etsy shop called ALT LAB ART. We then started making notebooks thanks to Babis experience in publishing and Nina’s passion for stationery and bookbinding.
This is how TRIA was born.
Meaning the number 3 in greek and also our mystical lucky charm.

One of the first planners we launched

Inspired by nature, obsessed with texture.


In our home studio in London, we make eco-friendly handcrafted notebooks, planners, journals and art prints. Together we curate the artwork of book covers and art prints from Nina's paintings and photography, we then make samples to try them ourselves and keep only the best quality products to launch. While Nina is mainly the creative mind and Babis the handicraftsman, sometimes we share/swap tasks.

All the papers and cardboard used to make books, marketing material, and packing are 100% recycled. We love experimenting eco-friendly options made out of paper, cotton, cork and different elements, so none of our creations are made out of animal origins. All books are handmade designed, printed and bound by us; which makes our customers feel special for they are able to support an ethical cause while bringing art into their everyday lives with simple yet beautiful products.

While all the material we use is reutilised, Nina loves to reproduce textures. Therein lies the secret behind the singularity of our creations: the art of slowing down and being present to see. Nina is fascinated by how the marks caused by time and the different shapes and colours of the city casually blend with the elements of nature seasonly changing. Her eye for detail inspires her own mark-making, creating unique prints that tell a story.